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Lasting Memories are made with -

Coronet Porcelain Paste

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Coronet Porcelain Logo

Easy to use

Coronet Porcelain Logo

Needs no firing

Coronet Porcelain Logo

Long life- fridge or freezer

Coronet Porcelain Logo

Accepts most colour mediums

Coronet Porcelain Logo

Can water rinse finished work

Coronet Porcelain Logo

When dry, complies with - Food Contact Material Legislation 80/590/E.C Cert No.CJS/P21541/96

Coronet Porcelain Work

Coronet Porcelain Paste enables you to keep your cake decorations, flower arrangments and any project work forever.

This porcelain paste needs no firing. Your finished work will not crumble or fade, it can even be rinsed in water.

Colouring can be achieved with most mediums, food colours, Oil paints, dusting powders etc..

Coronet Paste has a room temperature shelf life of 6 months, it can be kept in a refrigerator for 12 months and in a freezer indefinitely !

When dry can be placed onto any dry sugar or flour confectionery.

Coronet Porcelain Work

Our unique air drying porcelain paste has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it complies with Food Contact Material Legislation.

This makes the finished items ideal as a permanent cake decoration which can be saved forever as a special memento of that special occasion: Wedding , Anniversary etc.

Our Cert. Number is CJS/P21541/96. To view the certificate - click here

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