Porcelain Paste for Cake Decorating, Modelling, Miniatures and Dollhouses

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Porcelain Paste

Hand made by us. Coronet Porcelain Paste.
Air drying, keep airtight, refridgerate or freeze.

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Cold Porcelain or porcelain paste also known can be used in cake decorating, sugarcraft, dolls house figures and limbs for model making and miniatures. Coronet Porcelain Paste a food safe product. Hand made by us to our own specific recipe.

The paste dries in the air. It doesn’t require the heat of a kiln or an oven to set. It can be used in a similar way to sugarpaste. The paste can be rolled, wrapped around wire, cut with plastic or metal cutters.

You can roll it into a thin layer especially useful when making flowers where you might want to thin the edges, or create a frill. You can use a ball or needle tool to do this.

Due to it’s malleability you can create beautiful dolls house figurines with minute detailing such as finger and toe nails on very small pieces. This product is particularly useful in the creation of miniatures.

Once the product is air dried, it does need sealing and then varnishing. The dried porcelain paste will be quite hard and durable.

Top Tip: When storing the porcelain paste at home keep it airtight. The product is safe to refridgerate or freeze.

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